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So ... who or what is TOPTRAK?

A Mastermind Group, formed about 35 years ago by a group of successful UK financial advisers, while they were attending the MDRT annual meeting in Washington DC. Today TOPTRAK's members are highly experienced business owners from around the UK committed to one universal goal ...

“The pursuit of excellence in serving our clients, through technical innovation and the sharing of ideas”

Membership is by invitation only as great importance is placed on maintaining the balance and synergy of the group. Members are known not only for their specialist knowledge and expertise but because they demonstrate a willingness to invest time in assisting and supporting others, and the profession in general. Some of us are specialists and some are general practitioners. Some have freed themselves from the shackles of regulation in order to spend their time on entrepreneurial activities. Membership is personal not corporate.

Format of Meetings

TOPTRAK meets periodically for a full day, 9am to 5pm. The meetings consist of

  • An exchange of marketing and business development ideas
  • technical presentations on tax, pensions and other related subjects
  • Practice development ideas

Through these meetings we aim to create original financial planning concepts for the benefit of our clients and to assist each other improve our professional knowledge and our business effectiveness, while doing so in a compliant and open manner.

If you are an experienced financial adviser running your own business and are considering whether membership of Toptrak might be appropriate click this link

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