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Information for speakers and sponsors

Presenters at Toptrak meetings regularly comment on the value of the interaction with the members, so it's worth our mentioning this early on. Presentations that are interactive, and encourage questions and comment will be the most productive for the presenter.

We usually schedule a keynote presentation in the morning, either at 11.30am immediately after our morning break or at 10.30am for a shorter presentation. Hand-outs may be brought to the meeting, however we encourage these to be sent electronically to The Secretary immediately after the meeting for distribution. Powerpoint presentations may be stored on a secure area of our website for access by the members after the meeting.

The normal fee for a keynote presentation includes lunch for up to two people. Past presenters have found the opportunity to discuss issues informally to be invaluable in building their future business with the members of Toptrak. Shorter presentations, which do not include lunch, command a lower fee.

AV facilities will usually be provided. The presentation should be emailed in advance to the Secretary, or otherwise brought complete with a laptop, ready to be connected to the supplied equipment.

Payment of Fees
Each Toptrak meeting costs around 3,000 to stage. Speakers who wish to promote a service to members are expected to contribute to the cost of the meeting.

After the meeting, the presenter will be given access to the list of attendees.

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